These are our basic terms and conditions for purchasing a kitten from us, either as pet or for breeding, as well as renting our studs.

Our Queens and Studs are also our pets  and we care what happen to their offspring. We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we have any concerns over the care and attention we believe our kittens are likely to receive at the applicant’s home.



When purchasing a kitten from us, as well as renting a stud, you will be required to enter into a contract with us that will be considered internationally  legally binding.


On application to reserve a kitten an applicant must pay a 35% deposit of the purchase price to reserve the kitten. If we find that the conditions are unsuitable for where an applicant intends to rear the kitten, we will issue a full refund. If an applicant change his/her mind about the purchase 25% of the total sale price will be retained to cover costs related to registration etc. whilst the remaining 10% will be returned to the buyer. The buyer are responsible for any international bank charges.

International Transfer

The buyer will be responsible for making the arrangements for any international transport and we are happy to advice on reputable companies used. We will ensure all vaccinations and other legal requirements are met, including PET passports. Costs for this will be reflected in the final cost quoted per cat.

Medical Reports

All our kittens will come with a full health record including proof of clear tests for FelV (Feline Leukemia Virus); FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus); PKDef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency). The costs for these tests are expensive as you can appreciate, and is therefore reflected in the price we charge for our kittens.

Blood Group

The blood groups of our cats will all be available to prospective Queen owners who may be concerned about crossing A & B blood groups. There is no evidence to suggest that having different blood groups between Queen and Stud may cause issues in breeding Singapura cats, however, we include it for your peace of mind.

Pedigree Certificate

Upon birth we will register all kittens and provide you with a Pedigree Certificate showing at least five generations for each kitten. If you have put a deposit down for a kitten we may consider your input when deciding on names for registration, however, this is not a given. You are of course free to call your cats whichever name post purchase, and their registered name is only relevant when you breed or show etc.

Our contract will have further terms and conditions with regards to issues such as what happens to any of our cat’s offspring in the event their new owners pass away or are no longer able to care for them. We do not want any of our cats to end up in shelters.

Terms and Conditions

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