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Janamel Singaneko Mishka and Janamel Singaneko Suri moved to Meow Mews, as our household is commonly known as,  in November 2015.  

The girls settled in very well and had no problem adjusting to life with other cats, including our elderly Oriental, Mau-Mau, who are rather set in her ways.

Bright as buttons the two girls quickly showed their true intelligence when mastering toys and complicated manoeuvres, i.e. opening doors, sneaking into cupboards unseen, long before the boys, who were already 4 months older. With the usual lengthy, planned introduction between existing cats and new arrivals in mind, the girls, now known affectionately in one of the Paolo the Brave Children’s Picture Book series as, “The Terrible Twins”, thwarted all plans when they escaped from their room and introduced themselves to the boys on day two. Natural Singapura curiosity won and they were playing like old friends within hours of meeting. They have since been inseparable.

Our Queens Suri and Mishka Janamel Singaneko Suri Janamel Singaneko Mishka

Queen: Janamel Singaneko Suri

Breeder: Jane Brooks (Janamel)

Dam: Mirielle Crown Victoria (Tori)

Sire: Jayshelm Janamel’s Jodoh

D.o.b. 7 August 2015

Country of Origin: England

Queen: Janamel Singaneko Mishka

Breeder: Jane Brooks (Janamel)

Dam: Mirielle Crown Victoria (Tori)

Sire: Jayshelm Janamel’s Jodoh

D.o.b. 7 August 2015

Country of Origin: England


Litter 1 - 2 females and 3 males born 31st July 2016 - Sire: Paolo

Litter 2: - 3 females and 2 males born 7th May 2017 - Sire; Keiko

Litter 3 - 1 female and 3 females born 12th August 2018 Sire: Paolo


Litter 1 - 3 males born 23rd July 2016 - Sire: Keiko

Litter 2: 3 males born 30th March 2017 - Sire - Paolo

Litter 3: 1 female born 10th March 2018 - Sire - Paolo


Queen: Helga of Nikolaevspride

Breeder: Anastasiya Nikolaeva

Dam: Swarowski (Abyssinian)

Sire:  Desheng Nigista Shaba

D.o.b. 21 January 2016

Country of Origin: Russia

Halcyon is an F1 out cross as part of an out cross program.

LITTERS  F2 Babies

Litter 1 -  4 females born 28th  February 2017 - Sire: Paolo

Litter 2: - 2 females and 2 males born 2nd October 2017 - Sire: Paolo

Litter 3: - 1 female and 3 males born 11th August 2018- Sire: Paolo

Helga of Nikolaevspride (Halcyon) joined our cattery in December 2016. She is the F1 out cross Abyssinian  mother and Singapura father. Again, despite planned introductions, Suri broke into the lounge were Halcyon was kept initially and they became instant friends. They have been inseparable since then. Surprisingly there was no hissing, no puffed tails and no ‘checking each other out’. Mishka on the other hand was  somewhat dismissive of Halcyon once she noticed her sister, with whom she is very close, has befriended Halcyon. It took her a few more days to accept Halcyon, and whilst there were no animosity on her part, and she just ignored her at first, the three girls, along with our resident elderly Oriental, Mau-Mau now share a bed together at night.

Our outcross Halcyon