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Professional breeders of Singapura kittens in the United Kingdom

Mother Janamel Singaneko Mishka (Mishka)

Father Bolt Minimali*PL (Paolo)

Litter 4: Born 31st March 2017 - Three Boys

Whilst it is Singaneko’s 4th litter, it is Mishka’s 2nd litter. She had three boys again, just like her first litter last year.  

In line with this year’s theme of Roman and Greek God and Goddess names, her babies were named as follows:

Singaneko Poseidon (green)

Singaneko Vulcan (brown)

Singako Apollo (yellow)

Sadly, on 30th April baby Poseidon passed away  a day before he would have been a month old, as a result of development FCK syndrome. So far this is the first ever incident of this condition.

Both the remaining boys are healthy and well and went to the same family as a sibling pair where they are thriving.