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Litter 3: Born 28th February 2017 - Four girls

Father Bolt Minimali*PL (Paolo)

Mother Helga (Halcyon)  F1

Four chunky girls born and named as indicated below. All our litters for 2017 are named after Green and Roman Gods and Goddesses.  In the mean time you can follow their progress on Facebook and YouTube.

Girl Singaneko Gaea (orange)

Girl Sinaneko Hestia (purple)

Girl Singaneko Hera (pink)

Girl Singaneko Iris (royal blue)

This is our first F2 litter. From Halcyon (F1 Singapura x Abyssinian) and all the girls, except Hera, went to pet homes. Hera went to Russia, to the original owner of Halcyon, where she will be a breeding queen as part of the out crossing of the Singapura.