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SingaNeko UK

Professional breeders of Singapura kittens in the United Kingdom

We normally have long waiting lists so, depending on whether you want a Singapura as pet, for breeding and/or show, our average waiting time is 2 - 3 years for purebred Singapura kittens, and 1 year for F2 Singapura Kittens.

However, occasionally we have cancellations or those on the waiting list’s circumstances have changed.

We urge you to familiarise yourself with our

Terms and Conditions .

All our kittens will go to their new homes with  a gift bag of goodies (blanket, food, toys, pedigree), up to date immunisations, wormed and fleed and with 4+5 weeks of FREE insurance  as well as registration with the GCCF, regardless of whether you wish to breed or show.

We reserve the right to decline a sale if we have reason to believe our kittens are not going to be a good match with you or your family, or may be mistreated or neglegted.

Kittens available as Pets, for Breeding and/or Show

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