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SingaNeko UK

Professional breeders of Singapura kittens in the United Kingdom

All our cats are also our pets and part of the family. They are like our children and given the best care, love and stimulation at all times.

All our breeding cats are indoor cats who have plenty of access to fresh air and the outdoors through a large cat run and daily walks in either a carry pouch, a harness and lead or pet stroller. We only do this for the cats who shows an interests in going outdoors as some seems perfectly happy staying indoors.

We also have two large pop-up enclosures for those lovely sunny days when they just want to lay around in the spring, summer and autumn sun, whilst we supervise and also enjoy the weather at the same time. It allows them a little bit more freedom in a safe enclosure where they can run around or simply just relax.  This is temporary whilst we hope to build an outdoor enclosure that is large enough for all to enjoy in the future.

Whilst the boys and girls are separated when they are unsupervised, i.e. we are away from home, they are encouraged to enjoy each other’s company provided neither of the girls are in heat. They boys wear stud pants to avoid unnecessary early pregnancies and spraying and have adapted well to wearing those.

In the colder months they also wear jumpers and have access to heated beds,  and plenty of climbing, scratching and stimulating toys to keep them out of mischief.

Breeder Bio

A cat lover of all kinds, who fell in love with the Singapura breed, when searching the internet for another cat to add to the household.

Realising how rare the breed was, and waiting more than 2½ years for our first Singa’s, we decided to also start breeding these wonderful cats so that more people can enjoy their fantastic temperament, stunning looks and playful company.

Now owned by six cats, four of whom are our Singapura breeding stock, one Singapura Abysinian Cross, and one, elderly Oriental Cat called Mau-Mau, there is never a dull moment at Meow Mews.

Our Cats are our Pets

All our kittens will have the necessary veterinary proof of their health status including guarantees that they are free of any of the above, or any known conditions.  If a cat has any condition you will be notified in advance and given all the medical reports to support our claims.

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